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It has been amazing to watch Atley‘s improvement over the months that she has been doing Equipping Minds with Alexandra Brown.  As Atley‘s teacher, I was able to see the changes first hand. I watched as Atley began to grasp concepts that had previously been hard, make connections between the world and the literature  we were reading in class, and have advanced word recall.  As a matter fact, I was struck one day while working with Atley, that as I pulled out my thesaurus she looked up and began to reel off synonyms for the word we were talking about!  It has been so exciting to watch Atley‘s progress and I’m a big believer in Equipping Minds! Alexandra Brown is a phenomenal instructor with a gentle and encouraging yet fun approach. She has studied hard, is well informed, and knows her stuff. I highly recommend Alexandra and this program! 

Wendy B. -  Writing and Literature teacher, Raleigh , NC

Alexandra is truly a gifted educator! She understands the challenges that students face who have learning issues and is able to give them the tools they need to overcome them. Her methods are proven and effective and  research-based.  You will be satisfied with the results you see as your child begins to realize that he or she can do it and that with brain training,  can overcome learning challenges!  

Alexandra is also very supportive of the parent and will come alongside you as you work with your child.  She will help guide and encourage you with tailored approaches to meet your child’s needs. I encourage everyone if they have a child with learning challenges to reach out to Alexandra. The Equipping Minds program she uses is a game-changer! 

Lori T. - LCMHC  Wake Forest, NC 

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